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The first impact fund in Georgia Actio was founded by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) in 2022.

The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia is one of the first civic organizations in Georgia, founded in 1995. Consequently, CSRDG has 27 years of successful activity in the civil sector.

The mission of CSRDG is to promote good governance, sustainable, inclusive economic development, and active civil society formation in Georgia. Since the establishment of the organization, our team has been focused on the results that bring positive changes to individuals and the society.

Since 2009, CSRDG has started working on the development of the concept of social entrepreneurship in Georgia together with partner organizations. Since then, the center has provided financial and technical support to about 50 social enterprises, promoted the concept through various events, and started advocating the needs of the sector at the local and central government levels.

In June 2022, CSRDG established the impact fund Actio with the support of the European Commission and the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).

Actio represents a modern opportunity for active social enterprises to scale up their business and increase social impact. Actio also represents a credible opportunity for corporate and private investors to contribute to creating long-term social impact and improving the well-being of Georgian citizens.



Actio's mission is to contribute to development of social economy in Georgia by supporting social entrepreneurship.

To do this, we, together with our impact investors, create mechanisms and opportunities for social enterprises to scale up their business and social impact.





For the next 5 years Actio aims at empowering of 10 social enterprises to scale up their business activity as well as increase social and environmental impact. 

Together with social enterprises, investors and partners, we strive to create tangible
positive impact in the spheres of work integration,
environment protection and preservation of
cultural heritage.



Using long-term approach to cooperation with social enterprises, the fund offers supporting mechanisms acknowledged by the global impact investing community:

  • Financial support using financing mechanism such as milestone-based grants and low interest, patient loans;
  • Technical assistance engaging leading experts;
  • Social impact maAnagement and measurement.
Eka Urushadze
Eka Urushadze,


Eka Urushadze is the Executive Director & founder of the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) based in Tbilisi and operating throughout the Georgia. During her 27 years successful career in the civil sector, she has worked in management positions and gained valuable experience in working on local, central and international levels. She has been leading network programs, coordinating coalition projects on local and regional levels – within Eastern Partnership countries. At the same time she is qualified community development practitioner experienced in organizational development and financial management issues.

Kristine Kandelaki
Fund Manager
Kristine Kandelaki,
Fund Manager


Kristine Kandelaki has 8 year experience in the civic sector. Currently, she holds a position of the Impact Fund Actio Manager at the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG).

Kristine has 5 year experience of planning, development and evaluation of large scale projects. Since 2021, Kristine has been acting as a country manager of the Collaborate for Impact project in Georgia funded by the European Commission and implemented in partnership with EVPA.  In frames of the project she contributes to development of impact investment in Georgia and empowerment of social enterprises.

Furthermore, her expertise encompasses implementation of needs tailored organizational development services, consulting and training for civil society organizations and social enterprises. 

Kristine holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and a Master's degree in Work and Organisational Psychology from the Tbilisi State University.

Eka Datuashvili
Social Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator
Eka Datuashvili,
Social Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator


Ana Ekaterine Iluridze
Portfolio Lead
Ana Ekaterine Iluridze,
Portfolio Lead


Ana Ekaterine Iluridze has 13 years of work experience in both the civil and public sectors. 

Since 2017, Ana has held the position of Grants and Portfolio Manager at the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG). Since 2023, Ana has been acting as the Portfolio Lead of the Actio Impact fund. Her duties include promoting the establishment and strengthening of social enterprises through grant competitions, educational and consulting activities.

Ana holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management and Master's degree in Social Psychology.


Nini Khugashvili
Communications Manager
Nini Khugashvili,
Communications Manager


Nini Khugashvili has over 15 years of expertise in media and public relations.

Since 2022, Nini has served as the Communications Manager at the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG). Since 2023, she assumed the position of Communications Manager at the impact fund ACTIO. At the foundation, her  duties encompass strategic communications management.

Nini holds a bachelor's degree in social science with a focus on journalism, as well as a master's degree in Public Relations.



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