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Social Enterprise Istoriali


Founded back in 2000, Istoriali aims at supporting economic sustainability and promotion of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage sector.

"Istoriali" creates thematic decorative and gift products reflecting the history and cultural heritage of Georgia:

  • Women's and men's jewelry
  • Corporate gift items
  • Small decorative sculptures
  • Table and office accessories
  • Copies of historical-decorative cups and
  • Artistic inspirations

Istoriali collection unites about 200 items using metal (silver, brass, bronze), ceramics, and textile material. Gift products of Istoriali are based on museum collections and serve to popularize Georgian cultural heritage. Cast and hand-crafted products with 24-karat gold plating maintain stylistic similarities to historical originals while meeting the demand of the today’s market.


Investment of Actio


Actio investment will enable Istoriali to scale up its economic activities as well as social results. With the financial support of up to 50k Euros Istoriali will expand its workshop, employee more craftspeople, develop educational courses and masterclass services and create two new collections. As a result, Istoriali activities will contribute to preservation of the traditional metal sculpting profession, promotion of Georgian historical and cultural heritage, economic empowerment of traditional craftsman, and etc.


Plans of Istoriali


  • 3 new craftsmen will be employed at the Istoriali workshop;
    18 pupils/students will improve their knowledge and skills in the direction of metal sculpture and foundry activities;
  • 2 new collections will be created and metal sculpting master classes services will be developed, which contributes to raising public awareness of the importance and historical-cultural value of traditional Georgian crafts;
  • With its activities, Istoriali will make a significant contribution to the preservation and development of metal sculpting as a profession, to the improvement of the economic status of traditional craftspeople, and to the promotion of the cultural heritage of Georgia.


You can find Istoriali products here:


The financial support of Istoriali was made possible by the financial contribution of our partners - the European Union and impact investors. We would like to thank the European Union and the impact investors: microfinance organization MBC, Nikoloz Alavidze and Lado Sakvarelidze for creating this opportunity for Istoriali.