Collaborate for IMPACT

Luciano Balbo in Georgia

Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia" (CSRDG) in cooperation with the Caucasus University hosted Luciano Balbo's public lecture "Impact Investing - European experience and modern trends" at the Caucasus University.

Luciano Balbo is an experienced professional in private equity in Italy and the founder of Oltre Venture, a management company of impact investing funds in italy. Luciano shared his experience on impact investing in Italy with students from different universities.

The following topics were discussed during the public lecture: the importance and essence of impact investing; activities of impact funds; the role of big business in creating sustainable positive impact, etc.

Luciano Balbo had a working visit to Georgia by the initiative of CSRDG with the support of EVPA on 29-30 September. The guest led a master class for representatives of the business sector within the B2B fair of social enterprises 2022.

The lecturewas organized within the project “Collaborate for Impact - development of social entrepreneurship and social investments towards economic and social cohesion in the Eastern Partnership”, supported by the European Commission and implemented by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) in Georgia. The leading implementing organization of the project is the European Venture Philanthropy Association-EVPA.