Collaborate for IMPACT

The mission of Babale is to ensure independent living of persons with Down Syndrome by supporting their professional development and employment. Babale was established in 2015 by the Georgian Down Syndrome Association which itself is founded by the parents of children with Down Syndrome.


Investment of Actio

Being the Actio portfolio member, Babale plans to scale up its business as well as social impact. Babale is going to lauch ceramic, wooden and sewing workshops in order to engage more young people with Down Syndrome in the vocational training and employment.

Babale will receive the following invetment: 

  • Grant funding EUR 39, 915;
  • 0% loan EUR 9,791;

Additionally, Babale will receive in-depth assistance in terms of impact evaluation and organizational development. 


Plans of Babale

Within next five years Babale plans to achieve the following social outcomes:

  • There will be created needs tailored art therapy, professional orientation and supportive employement programs for young people with Down Syndrome.
  • 30 young people will go through art therapy and professional orientation programs;
  • 20 young people with Down Syndrome go through the internship program; 5 out of them will get employed at Babale and 10 of them in other partner companies.
  • Readiness for independent living of Young people with Down Syndrome will encrease.

In terms of economic activities, Babale plans to increase its income at least by 30%


About Babale

Babale unites 2 spaces: creative workshop where young people with Down Syndrome get education, acquire a new profession and become employed. Babale creates two types of products: Handicraft products: wooden chests, bags, accessories, holiday items, an etc.

Mass production: Babale Socks and kitchen accessories designed by the youngster with Down syndrome as well as inspired by the Georgian cultural heritage.

Babale Products are available at the following addresses:


The financial support of Babale was made possible by the financial contribution of our partners - the European Union and impact investors. We would like to thank the European Union and the impact investors: microfinance organization MBC, Nikoloz Alavidze and Lado Sakvarelidze for creating this opportunity for Babale.