Collaborate for IMPACT

About Champy

The idea of ​​producing innovative apple chips came to 3 friends studying at the Agrarian University of Georgia. They built a small drying machine with their own hands and created the first product prototype using unique and innovative methods: a healthy snack - apple chips. Since then, Champy's product has gone through an important phase of testing and experimentation, and in 2016, the enterprise was officially established. The friends decided to build the factory in the village of Ditsi, near the occupation line, in Gori municipality, in order to strengthen the local population, create permanent, decent jobs and develop a brand with global potential.


Actio Investment

Actio investment will enable Champy to increase its revenue and scale up social impact. It is planned to purchase new drying machine which will ensure increase of production and expansion into local and international markets.

As a result of the partnership with Actio, Champy will receive the following financial support:

  • Grant funding EUR 40,000
  • 0% loan EUR 10,000

Additionally, Champy will receive in-depth assistance in terms of impact evaluation and organizational development.


Plans of Champy

Within next five years Champy plans to achieve the following social outcomes:

  • Up to 50 people will undergo retraining at the Champy factory
  • 40 more women would be employed at the enterprise
  • Up to 15 young people will undergo internship
  • The number of partner farmers will increase up to 35
  • Zero waste production will be furtherly developed and up to 40,000 kilograms of apple waste will be processed.

In terms of economic activities, Champy plans to increase its income at least by 30%

Champy’s products could be purchased online as well at various stores:

  • Social Concept Store ESKI - Nato Vachnadze street #7, Tbilisi
  • Spar, Nikora, Europroduct, Agrohub, Goodwill, Georgita
  •,, Wolt, Glovo

The financial support of Champy was made possible by the financial contribution of our partners - the European Union and impact investors. We would like to thank the European Union and the impact investors: microfinance organization MBC, Nikoloz Alavidze and Lado Sakvarelidze for creating this opportunity for Champy.