Collaborate for IMPACT

About Tene

The mission of Tene is to fight against environment plastic pollution and to raise awareness of the population on environmental issues. Tene is the first eco-friendly production of USB cables, which uses single-use secondary plastic in the production process. Along with the production of USB cables, Tene is constantly working on the development of innovative products contributing to environment protection such as: a plastic cup collector, a bottle vending machine, and etc.


Actio Investment

Actio investment will enable Tene to improve and expand its waste collection and management system. As a result, the number of plastic collection and distribution points will increase, and citizens from regions of West and East Georgia will be enabled to engage in the process.

As a result of the partnership with Actio, Tene will receive the following financial support:

  • Grant funding EUR 40,000 
  • 0% loan EUR 9,990

Additionally, Tene will receive in-depth assistance in terms of impact evaluation and organizational development.

Plans of Tene

Within next five years Tene plans to achieve the following outcomes:

  • 4 new plastic collection points will be opened in West and East Georgia;
  • Number of green boxes placed at the partner organizations will increase up to 2000;
  • The monthly amount of collected plastic will increse at least 5 times;
  • In 5 years Tene will have 1000 tones of plastic recycled;
  • At least 15 internally displaced persons will be employed at the Tene enterprise.

In terms of economic activities, Tene plans to increase its income at least by 30%

Tene's products could be purchased online as well at various stores:

  • Social Concept Store ESKI - Nato Vachnadze street #7, Tbilisi 
  • Europroduct; Clean House; Universam; Fresco; Smart; Zgapari
  • Alta, Elit Electronics, and etc.

Plastic collection points:

  • Sokhumi street #4a,Tbilisi
  • Terovani IDP settlment 
  • Anywhere you see the Tene green box


The financial support of Tene was made possible by the financial contribution of our partners - the European Union and impact investors. We would like to thank the European Union and the impact investors: microfinance organization MBC, Nikoloz Alavidze and Lado Sakvarelidze for creating this opportunity for Tene.